Love + Hate

The Positive & the Negative


LOVE - My Husband, My Family, Death and Black Metal, Piña Coladas, Ladopsomo & Mocacinnos, Hindu vegetarian food from Kings Food, Dragon Quest, Death Note, Chobits, Cute Video games, Japanese RPGS, Playing my Nintendo Dsi & New Nintendo 3DS, God, Sugarpill Cosmetics, Harsh Electronic Music, Big hair, Platform boots, Boots with Victorian lace, Cute flats, Goggles, Gasmasks, Vampires, Vampirism, Gothic Culture, True Crime Literature, Reading, Horror movies + Horror novels, Beetlejuice, Samhain, My friends/muses, Metal Lunchboxes, Dark colors, Corsetry, Female + Male Musicians, Crisis, Kawaii Art, Photography, Erotic Photography, Cosplay, Manga, Anime, Faeries, Forests, Coffee ice cream cones or milkshakes, Vines, Earrings, Old Music, The West Memphis Three, Cold Weather, Snow, Christmas time, Windy days, Saving & Conserving The Environment, Photoshop & Building Websites, Taking naps with my Husband Miguel Angel, Spending time with my Family, Going to the beach, When the sunshine comes in through my window in the morning & wakes me up, Happiness, Friends that push you to go forward & believe in your dreams, Bokeh, Textures, Stars, The 7 Deadly Sins, Ancient Illustrations, Lolita & Japanese Street Fashion, Kawaii, Hello Kitty & Sanrio, My Parents & Sister, Anything that makes me smile.


HATE - Sea food, h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e-s, Copy cats, Commercialism, Clowns, Cancer/Disease, Labels/stereotypes, Heights, War, Shiny Happy F - a - k - e People Religious Fanatism, Environmental destruction, Being unhealthy, People that try to put you down & say your dreams are impossible to reach, Drugs, & Crowded places.