I Am:

Self-inflicted Medicated Drama Queen


I am

happy. most of the time perplexed. sometimes bouncy. most of the time cold. in love with my Husband. in love with my dogs. an artist. a graphic designer. a web designer. an exceptionally good singer. addicted to blogging. a lover of junk food but have been trying to eat healthier these past few years. a lover of cult films. in love with life. happy to be alive. gorgeous. sometimes insecure. flawed. never perfect. clumsy. easily irritated. picky with mostly everything especially food and clothes. bilingual. easily amused. silly.

I have

a wedding ring & an engagement ring on my left hand. dark catatonic brown eyes. long hair with dirty blonde highlights (Now currently dyed cherry red). A small but growing collection of Hello Kitty/Tokidoki purses. a hot pink Nintendo DSi and a special edition Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer new Nintendo 3DS. an amazing husband. wonderful friends. pale skin. faith in a higher power. been sick the grand majority of my life but have been celebrating having good health for a good number of years. a strange fixation with serial murder – true crime – the macabre.

I ♥

my husband Miguel Angel. my friends. my family. my dogs. photography. graphic/web design. photoshop. singing. sleeping while it rains. swimming. playing my Nintendo DSi & New Nintendo 3DS. Harsh EBM music. dancing. eating. coffee ice cream. above all things - GOD. the color purple. Stars! ancient languages. greek cuisine. oontz.

I would ♥ to be a
singer in a metal band. criminologist. coroner. writer for a famous metal magazine. pro photographer. positive/kawaii/happy movement public speaker-motivator. mom.

I like to eat

junk food. ice cream. chicken. greek ladopsomo. pizza. colombian empanadas. mexican food. my mom’s spaghetti and lasagna. cheesecake. pastries. red kidney beans. flamkuchen.

I dislike

the monsters that don’t know who they are. waking up early. hypocrites. copy c-a-t-s. seafood. crowded places. shiny happy fake people. religious fanatics. hot weather. the feeling of being rushed.