Industrial Surgeon

Bloodless & Numb... We orbit the Sun..


Pelo Purpura

My name is Sophie I am 31 years old & I love True Crime. Though I've dealt with many difficult things in my past I try to maintain a positive attitude and outlook towards life. I studied Graphic Design in College but am a self taught Web Designer and lean more towards the coding aspect of design.

I'm very fortunate to have been blessed with such an amazing Husband whom takes care of me, supports me in any decision I make, loves me above all things, tries to understand me and sometimes even encourages my Hello Kitty addiction, and understands me even when I can't understand myself. 

I was an outcast in High School & never cared much for the popular crowd or being part of a Clique. I only cared about listening to my favorite Metal/Goth/Industrial bands on my Discman during lunch time, reading Metal Maniacs, & going to the Computer Lab to work on this website.


My favorite hobbies include : Singing, Gaming (I mainly play Rpgs and Kawaii Games), Dancing to Harsh Industrial Music, Taking photographs, Playing my Nintendo DSi - Nintendo 3DS - PS3 - PS4 - Nintendo Wii - PSP, Drawing Chibi & Kawaii characters, Sewing, Watching Anime (Death Note / Chobits - Forever!!!) - Reading Manga - Toy Photography - Cartoons - Classic Horror, Listening to Harsh EBM, Classic Goth, & Heavy Metal - (Black, Death, Viking, & Gothic). 

Currently Playing :

Nintendo 3Ds /Dsi: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Yokai Watch, Final Fantasy Explorers, The Legend of Legacy, Story of Seasons, Fantasy Life, Dragon Quest IV : Chapters of the Chosen, Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask, Professor Layton & The Azran Legacy, Disney's Magical World, Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright, and Yoshi's Island.

PS3 : Tales of Symphonia, Atelier Ayesha and the Alchemist of Dusk, Ni No Kuni, and Rune Factory - Tides of Destiny.

PS4 : Dragon Quest Heroes, Just Dance 2014, and Diablo III.

PC: Adventure Time : Finn and Jake Investigations

Mobile Games: Lineplay, Tsum Tsums, The Zenonia series, Dragon quest VIII, and Dragon Quest I.

Lineplay Screen name: Astraea


Anime Currently Watching : Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Myself Yourself, Aiura, Bridge to the Starry Skies, Brave 10, Kohime Musou, Nichijou!, Dance In The Vampire Bund, Free!, and HaNaYaMaTa. If you really want the whole Anime List, click here.


Nintendo DS & 3DS Favorites :

- Animal Crossing :: New Leaf

- Dragon Quest IX

- Dragon Quest VI

- Dragon Quest V

- The Professor Layton Series

- Rhapsody a Musical Adventure

- Broken Sword

- Cooking Mama


While I don't read as often now as I did in my past my absolute favorite genre to read is True Crime. I feel most like myself and most at ease when reading said genre.

I like to watch Cartoons especially the older ones from my generation (1980's), Disney Classics, & will always have a special place in my heart for Classic Horror Films.



INDUSTRIALGoth, electro-clash, tanzmetal, technoid, power electronics, ambient, industrial death metal, cyber metal, industrial metal, drum n'noise, militaristic, wave, noise, power noise, synth-pop, terror EBM, HARSH EBM, electro-industrial, 80's, EBM, grindcore, DEATH METAL, black metal, & much much more...


Favorite Bands:

Crisis, Acid Bath, Hocico, Rotting Christ, Gh0st, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, X-rx, Incubite, Eisenfunk, Nachtmahr, S.A.M., Feindflug, State of the Union, Melotron, Apoptygma Berzek, VNV Nation, Solitary Experiments, Miss FD, Frightdoll, Kompressor, Jack Off Jill, Switchblade Symphony, Tura Satana, Manhole, Human Waste Project, My Ruin, Ulver, Barathrum, Today is the Day, London After Midnight, Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, Scarling, Emperor, Melechesh, Heroes del Silencio, Six Feet Under, A Perfect Circle, Aslan Faction, Amduscia, Evanescence, Bauhaus, Corpus Delicti, Luzifer Sam, Nosferatu, Rasputina, Coal Chamber, & Two Witches.

I show much respect & admiration towards one of my Best Friend's Musical Projects, Miss FD.