Polish the Stars...

Will somebody please polish the stars? For their skin is dull.


Throughout the years I have encountered people that have changed my entire life both in real life & through online interaction in many positive ways. I dedicate this space to them because they truly are my Stars. If you don't have a webpage or online space then that is why you are not mentioned here but still know that I hold you very close to my heart.

AlejandraArakitty, Miss FDMary Funk, Hilary KellerXtina EngelCristian LanderoAna my Zombie Banana, Paulie,  Uvita, Jess, & Zanna.


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Afef, LotteNepenthe ArtJessMallory M.Grace, Little Grimoire


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I got my first Website Award thanks to my Amazing friend & website host Alejandra Reuhel. Thank you so much for the award & for appreciating the time/effort/dedication/love that I put into this website.


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