Stardust's History


This is a place where I can vent & purge my inner & outer demons. I am not here to please you, I'm here to please myself. 

When this webpage was first created my life was in chaos & I was constantly suffering from depression. Throughout the years through the help of Love, Family, & Friends my life has taken a better turn & I want that to be reflected in this webpage. 

I chose the new name Stardust :: Her Blood-Engraved Text because the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite books & I feel that my writing is blood engraved into my being as in the sense that the blood I have in my veins is the ink that I use to write. 

This webpage is also a place for me to showcase my Graphic Design & Photography.

I look up to this website, it's me in a nutshell, it is my own personal creation, my little ray of sunshine. This website believe it or not has helped me grow as a person by expressing my thoughts, emotions, & opinions it has helped my wounds heal. Hopefully in the near future I will add songs with my own vocals, so you can hear the Siren in me. I don't make this website to be heard, I make it because it is a reflection of me, because it pleases me in more ways then one can tell. 

This website is purely Me, raw & uncensored, the real deal. I don't care to censor myself as I don't really give a rats ass of what anyone thinks of me. Many have called me crazy in the past I'd just like to think of myself as obscure & unique. 

I'm not trying to give off a bad impression I'm just being true to myself. I'm not going to change for anyone or anything unless I desire to change myself. 

My creativity strikes me in odd surroundings, sometimes I even build layouts on napkins in restaurants or in other public places outside of my home. I have vivid dreams about website layouts, Livejournal, & the internet it's probably because I dedicate so much of my time to both things. 

This website is 17 years old it was started way back in 1997 with the name of & it was hosted by hosts such as geocities, tripod, angelfire, & many others. Then it was hosted by for several years, I will never stop thanking Shae & all the hostees, they made me feel at home. I love designing websites, & in a way you can see & say that maintaning & creating websites is mandatory for my Spiritual Sanity. 

I love the finishing product so nothing else matters to me. 


This website is hosted at, by one of my oldest online friends, Alejandra. =) 

Website Info:

This layout was created while listening to Fiona Apple.

All images are of me, made by me, or edited by me, unless otherwise noted. 

Some images were taken off of Google & then edited. I take no credit for those images what so ever. 


Everything on this website Copyright's to Sophie C. (me!) a.k.a Industrial Surgeon/deadxxstars, unless otherwise noted.

Please do not copy or steal any of my coding, web design, or artwork!

Feedback, Comments, Questions?

Please e-mail me at crisisnyc(at) replace (at) with the @ symbol.

If your going to e-mail please let me know in the subject box by typing in: Concerning your Stardust Personal Website


  • star·dust [stahr-duhst]
    (not in technical use) a mass of distant stars appearing as tiny particles of dust.
    a naively romantic quality: There was stardust in her eyes.
    Also, star dust.
  • ka·waii
    (in the context of Japanese popular culture) cute.
    "she paints elephants that are extremely kawaii"
    the quality of being cute, or items that are cute.
    "even in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo, kawaii is everywhere"